Words are the most powerful things on Earth.

Words change everything. They keep our knowledge alive. They let us stay in touch with each other. They can convey beauty. They give us four of the best things in life: talking, listening, reading, and writing.

I love writing. It’s always been a big part of my life. For most of it, my profession has been writing computer code. Even there, I’ve taken pride in writing good documentation. Now I’ve shifted into writing words as a profession, where my technical knowledge still plays a major part.

In 1984, Compute! Books published my Compute!’s Guide to Adventure Games. It’s available online, with the permission of the owner of Compute! Books, as a free download.

My e-book, Files that Last: Digital Preservation for Everygeek, is available for purchase. It talks about the issues in keeping data documents usable for the long term and offers practical advice on how to do it.

For fans of music, science fiction, and popular culture, my e-book Tomorrow’s Songs Today: The History of Filk Music is available as a free download. It was financed with a crowdfunding campaign on IndieGoGo.

My articles have appeared on the website of the Foundation for Economic Education, where I’m on the faculty network.

I blog on file format and digital preservation issues at Mad File Format Science, is about file formats and digital preservation. In addition, I’ve done blogging on Eduhacker and Liberty.me.

I do blogging-for-hire work on BlogMutt and WriterAccess, using a pseudonym (Gary McDonald) just to make sure my nearly unique name doesn’t show up on ghosted pages. To save the agency cut, contact me directly the form below. (Companies who have worked with me through those sites excepted.)

Three video courses of mine are available on Udemy. Be sure to use these links to get the best price. In addition, my YouTube channel includes several videos on file formats and related software.

I run the websites for MASSFILC, a Massachusetts musical club where I’m clerk, webmaster, and past president and have chaired three ConCertino filk music conventions. In 2004 I was named to the Filk Hall of Fame.

Do you have a project you’d like to talk with me about? Please contact me!

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