Gary McGath

Professional Software Developer

Not just buzzwords. Abilities.

The ability to understand your problem and deal with it. The ability to create maintainable code and clear documentation. The ability to use a new technology. The ability to meet a schedule. These aren't things that reduce to buzzwords. I can list the buzzwords if needed — Java, JavaScript, SQL, PHP, library metadata, GitHub, Java EE, EJB, HTML, digital preservation, XML, etc. But what you want is someone who can deal with your needs. Someone who understands sound development, not just lists of API calls. Someone who can learn what's required, not just repeat a familiar task.

I'm looking for clients who want someone to address a programming need in a creative, responsible way. If you need some development work done that fits my abilities and that you want to have confidence in, contact me at developer [at]

In addition, I'm an experienced writer and am available for technical or other writing work.

My recent work has included development of web applications for the Harvard University Library (including delivery of high-resolution images and streaming audio), a client-tracking web application for internal use by child welfare agencies, and a web application to create social media presentations.

Current activities

I'm developing a "nichesourcing" web application for Love Song Productions, allowing qualified users to identify song recordings and enter metadata on them into a database. The code is available on GitHub as open source.

I maintain the websites for MASSFILC, a 501(c)(3) music club, and NEFilk, a consortium of music conventions. In addition, I'm the chair of ConCertino 2015, a music convention to be held in Massachusetts in 2015.

Open source projects

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